Find a Regulatory Law Attorney in Roswell, GA

Find a Regulatory Law Attorney in Roswell, GA

Attorney Marc Celello can help you challenge regulatory provisions

Is an administrative agency considering adopting or proposing a rule that would impact your business operation? You deserve to have a say. Attorney Marc Celello of Celello Law, LLC can help you deal with regulatory laws in Roswell, GA. He’ll make sure your voice is heard when an agency chooses to adopt a law that will change the way you do business.

Attorney Celello can also help you if there’s an existing regulatory provision that you have reason to challenge. Attorney Celello will put together a smart argument that addresses your best interests. He can also help you request a waiver or variance in the way that the rule applies to your business.

When it comes to licensing, attorney Celello can help you with applications, investigations, investigative interviews, administrative hearings and appeals. Call Celello Law now at 770-676-6544 to find out more.

Fight against disciplinary actions

The regulatory law services at Celello Law aren’t limited to licensing. Here are some disciplinary and enforcement actions you may have to deal with:

  • Licensing board application issues
  • Licensing board investigations
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Maintenance of licensing in other jurisdictions
  • Formal board complaints
  • Reporting or failure to report action to licensing boards
  • Licensing appeals
  • License reinstatement

You can trust that attorney Celello will use every legal means to minimize the consequences of administrative agency punishments. Call Celello Law today to discuss your regulatory law case in Roswell, GA with our lawyer.