Obtain the License You Need to Sell Alcohol

Obtain the License You Need to Sell Alcohol

Attorney Marc Celello is a trusted liquor license lawyer in Roswell, GA

To get a liquor license in Georgia, your business needs a local license, a state license and, in some cases, a federal license. Since the alcoholic beverage industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country, you need to work with a liquor license lawyer who knows the ins and outs of alcohol license law. You’ll get that when you work with Celello Law, LLC.

Attorney Marc Celello is a dedicated liquor license lawyer based in Roswell, GA. He’ll work hard to help you get the alcohol licenses you need to serve, sell or produce alcoholic beverages. Contact Celello Law today to find out how attorney Celello can help you.

Attorney Celello can assist businesses both big and small

No matter the size of your business, you can trust attorney Marc Celello to do his best to get you the liquor license you need. Attorney Celello can assist:

Manufacturers, including brokers, breweries, distilleries, farm wineries, importers, non-beverage manufacturers or importers, wine manufacturers and wine special order shippers

Wholesalers and distributors

Retailers, including those in need of consumption on premises permits, hotel in-room consumption permits, limousine carrier permits; plus retail dealers and retail packages

Special event organizers, including those dealing with nonprofit events, for-profit events and wine auctions

Don’t disappoint your guests or customers by failing to provide the alcoholic beverages promised. Get in touch with attorney Celello right away to work with a competent liquor license lawyer in Roswell, GA.